Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing in Vail, AZ

The foods you eat may be impacting your health in more ways than you know. When we consider adverse food reactions we typically think of hives, swelling or anaphylactic shock – the immediate response associated with allergies to common offenders like peanuts or shellfish. But what about the less obvious symptoms caused by the foods we eat? Unlike food allergies, reactions from food sensitivities may occur hours or even days after eating the offending food. Delayed food sensitivities, known as IgG – mediated reactions, are sometimes blamed on aging or other environmental factors.

Most sufferers are unaware that their symptoms are related to the foods they are eating. Some common symptoms of food sensitivities are: bloating, foggy thinking, abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation, headache, dry skin, joint pain, depression, weight gain, skin rash, anemia, gas and nausea. To check for food sensitivity a tube of blood is drawn and sent to US BioTek Laboratories. My blood draw fee is $20. plus a $30. Office visit fee if it is the first time I have seen you. BioTek charges $169. to check for 96 of the most commonly eaten foods.