Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis in Vail, AZ

In Live Blood analysis one drop of blood is taken from the fingertip with a small lancet and the blood is placed on a slide to be observed under a microscope. The blood cells are projected onto a screen to be observed by the client while the physician explains the galaxy of cells that can be seen floating in the plasma, The health of the red blood cells can be vividly seen and the activity of the various white blood cells can be evaluated for their activity level and numbers. To see your own blood cells on the monitor screen before you is an awesome experience.

The blood may show bacteria, parasitic activity or fungal infections that can be treated therapeutically. Heavy metals, blood clots and plaque buildup can also be visualized. Free radical damage can be assessed. After a treatment plan has been created, follow up live blood analysis can evaluate the progress of healing. The cost of this analysis is $30. for an established client. If it is your first visit there will also be a $30. Office visit fee.