Massage therapy

Massage Therapy in Vail, AZ

Whether you are looking for physical or mental relief, you can find it with massage therapy in Vail, AZ. Popular among Eastern and Western cultures throughout history, massage therapy is one of the oldest techniques for treating pain. While there are different techniques and additions used to enhance the experience, the basic practice of this technique involves manipulating the soft tissue of the body to help relax the muscles as well as the mind while also providing pain relief. Massage therapy can help manage a variety of health conditions or simply be a great addition to your health and wellness routine.

Dr. Sun has an excellent knowledge of anatomy and the acupressure points and channels that knowledge to ensure that her custom massages have therapeutic benefits. Much of this knowledge was learned in medical school in China, but Dr. Sun also attended a massage school in the United States. She also offers foot massage and reflexology that includes soaking the feet in a bath of herbal water.

Massage Therapy by a physician from China

Massage Therapy by a physician from China At the Naturopathic Medical Clinic

Dr. Yan Yan Sun is a graduate of Hebei Medical University In Shijiazhuang, China. In Arizona she is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master. Come and experience a unique therapeutic massage at the Naturopathic Medical Clinic.

Body Massage
  • 30 minutes $35
  • 60 minutes $65
  • 90 minutes $90
Foot Massage & herbal foot bath
  • 60 minutes $45
  • 30 minutes $35
Combination Massage
  • 30 minutes body & 30 minutes feet $55
  • 60 minutes body & 30 minutes feet $80
Deep Tissue Massage
  • 60 minutes $75
Gua Sha Healing therapy
  • 15 minutes $30
Cupping therapy
  • 15 minutes $20
Gua Sha Healing therapy
  • 60 minutes $65
  • 30 minutes $35
Heat lamp and Chinese herbs
  • 15 minutes $15

You can learn more about the benefits of massage therapy in Vail, AZ when you contact Hartman & Sun Naturopathic Clinic.